Nebraska Sports Betting and Casino Bill Signed Into Law

Last week Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed a gaming expansion bill into law, making retail sports betting legal in the state.

Ricketts signed LB 561 into law a few days after the state’s unicameral legislature approved the bill by a vote of 44-3. The bill allows the state’s horse racing tracks to open retail sportsbooks and take sports bets. However, the final iteration of the document did not include online sports betting. And will only allow in-person sports betting inside brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

Horse racing tracks can now offer “Las Vegas style” gaming, which Ricketts has opposed in the past. Last year, he wrote a column warning of the social and financial aspects of casino gambling. All while praising the state’s position to remain casino free.

Nebraska Sports Betting and Casino Bill Signed Into Law

The Nebraska legislature adopted an amendment to the bill earlier this month. To ban sports betting on in-state collegiate programs in hopes of making the needed two-thirds majority vote more palatable. The in-state collegiate sports betting ban will prevent people from betting on the popular Nebraska University football program and Creighton University basketball.

“When Nebraska voters overwhelmingly approved the ballot proposals in November. They provided the legislature with a mandate,” bill sponsor Sen. Tom Briese said in a statement. “That mandate is they want casinos at racetracks, and the property tax relief they will provide. In doing so, they approved all games of chance, including sports betting and other such games, as a matter of law.

“I introduced LB 561 to clarify what the voters approved, and provide some parameters. That are both consistent with what the voters mandated and consistent with Nebraska values.”

Lawmakers Take Out Cellphone Keno in Casino Bill

On Monday, a proposal to let people play keno on their mobile phones. While Nebraska bars and keno Parlors stalled abruptly after lawmakers decided to remove it from a casino legalization bill.

The lawmakers voted 27-11 to remove the provision from a broader bill that would regulate Nebraska’s new casino industry. Voters legalized casinos in November despite opposition from prominent gambling opponents, including Gov. Pete Ricketts.

Cities in the state had implored lawmakers to let people play the game on their mobile phones. To help bars and keno parlors compete with new casinos slated to open next year.

Lawmakers Take Out Cellphone Keno in Casino Bill

However, the idea drew strong criticism from gambling opponents. Who questioned whether expanding the game beyond its current form would make a difference.

According to Bellevue City Finance Director Richard Severson. Keno has generated $7.5 million in local revenue over the last decade that city officials used to upgrade parks. Fund domestic violence abuse programs and promote economic development, among other initiatives.

“Needless to say, that $7.5 million was very helpful without us raising property taxes. And raising the revenue some other way,” Severson told the Legislature’s General Affairs Committee. “This has been a very good program.”

Under current state law, keno is still play with paper cards, while casinos offer flashier, computerized games.

Sen. Tom Brandt, of Plymouth, said he doesn’t see bars-based keno games and casinos as competitors.

“My experience is that regulars (of bars) go in there to drink beer. And Keno happens to be there,” he says. “It’s sort of a different crowd than those who would go to a casino.”

Online Casino Operators Lose Court Fight With Pennsylvania Lottery

When the state of Pennsylvania expanded gambling in the state in 2017 it kicked off a race between the Pennsylvania Lottery and casino operators. Who were allowed to offer online games, with the Lottery staying in its niche and casino operators introducing digital casinos.

The Pennsylvania Lottery jumped out ahead in the race, introducing several options before the operators could get anything going. Leading to the operators crying foul. They took their case in front of a court, but the judge ruled in favor he Lottery. Which will likely lead to an appeal by the casino operators.

Online Casino Operators Lose Court Fight With Pennsylvania Lottery

After Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf approved the state’s gambling expansion, the Lottery began offering a number of online options. Through its iLottery division that the operators asserted were identical to some of the games they were developing. They also argued that nine iLottery games had the same titles or themes as slot machines. And the fact that the payouts more closely resemble those of slot machines and not of lotteries.

The casino operators, who each had to pay $10 million to get into Gaming in Pennsylvania. Sued the Lottery, arguing that it was infringing on their turf. In total, seven venues filed suit, including all five of Pennsylvania’s racinos and Cordish Companies.

However, they did not do a good job presenting their case. Because Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer ultimately ruled that the Lottery was innocent. She chalked up any similarities to an evolving gaming market. Adding that none of the iLottery options included signature or protected content.

Jubelirer added, “Rather, they are features that: relate to technological advances in online gaming; are based on online entertainment and gaming. As well as existing entertainment sources like television and board games. Which have indisputably inspired both iLottery game and slot machines game designers. Or existed in the same or similar fashion in traditional lottery products that translated into a new online medium.”

Richmond Casino Contenders Down To Two

The competition to build a casino-resort in Richmond is down to two companies. And With one of them already having the support of a majority of City Council.

Bally’s, the third contender, was not in competition after City Hall’s internal evaluation. And committee announced that, for a variety of reasons the Rhode Island company’s bid no longer was being considered.

With Bally’s out of the picture, Urban One of Silver Spring, Md which is seeking to open its first casino. And The Cordish Cos. of Baltimore, which wants to expand its Live brand operation to Richmond, are the two companies left.

Bally’s departure appears to be a boost for the Black-owned Urban One. And which proposed South Side location already has won the most public support.

Urban One is proposing to develop its ONE Casino+ Resort and recording operation on 100 acres on Walmsley Boulevard near the Philip Morris cigarette factory.

An informal poll of City Council members indicates that at least six members support Urban One’s bid. Which includes an offer to provide the city with an upfront payment of $60 million and an additional share of taxable revenue from gaming.

Cordish wants to install its Live! Casino and Hotel on the Bow Tie Cinema property at Leigh Street and Arthur Ashe Boulevard in North Side. However, Second District Councilwoman Katherine Jordan, who represents the area, has announced her opposition.

Cordish has offered an additional share of gaming revenue to the city. But has said only that it would provide up to $200 million over 15 years in donations to benefit the community. It has not publicly indicated whether the city would receive an upfront payment should it received for the project.

According to reports, Cordish, a real estate development company, likes the site. And they would consider its development even if it loses the casino bid.

Texas Casino Gambling and Sports betting Bills Stall In Legislature

Texans have to wait a little longer before they will find out if lawmakers will legalize gambling in the state.

Even though lobbyists and gambling interests have thrown millions at the effort. Lawmakers who authored bills to bring casinos and sports betting to Texas said they won’t become law this year.

“There’s not time for it to pass this session,” GOP Rep. John Kuempel told The Dallas Morning News this week.

With time running out of this legislative session. None of the bills to expand gaming in Texas made it over their first hurdle. Because the Texas Constitution bans most gambling, the legislation would have needed a two-thirds vote of lawmakers. And then the support of a majority of voters to become law.

According to Kuempel, there wasn’t the political appetite to pass the bills this session. Especially after lawmakers learned that budget holes they hoped to fill with gambling revenues would be shallower than previously expected.

Despite the outcome, Kuempel and Sen. Carol Alvarado, a Democrat who partnered with him on the effort, said they believe momentum is on their side.

“I’m more optimistic than I’ve ever been,” Alvarado, who has filed some version of this legislation for more than a decade, told the Dallas Morning News. “We’ve known all this is a long-term attempt.”

If the bills had been brought to the floor, they would have let voters decide whether to amend the state Constitution to legalize gambling. The eventual aim was to allow sports betting as well as eventually bring casino resorts to several major cities.

Casino Plans in Georgia Delayed Until 2022

The State of Georgia seemed like it was on the verge of expanding gaming. Which is including plans to add sports betting or to allow casinos. However, the state the legislature ended its session this year on Wednesday without taking action on the bill. Which means developers that were hoping to build casinos in the state will have to wait until 2022.

Developer Rick Lackey said he will continue negotiations. He expects to have contracts signed with several casino operators by early next year in anticipation of approval. He said he has 5,000 acres in the state under listing contracts, including sites on Lake Hartwell, the coast, Atlanta, and near the Florida border.

Casino Plans in Georgia Delayed Until 2022

One of the casino plans Lackey has announced would be a roughly $300 million hotel. Including casino on five miles of Lake Hartwell shoreline at the South Carolina border. The site is around 500 acres and right off of Interstate 85’s exit 177, just over the border. It would include both luxury and workforce housing, retail, and a golf course.

The Georgia legislative session also ended without approving a sports betting proposal that have approval by the Senate. Even though the bill is still sitting in the legislature, Lackey called it good news because the sports betting plan wouldn’t have allowed casinos, and having a chance at getting casinos approved next year is better for his plans.

Legalized sports betting is becoming increasingly common in the country, half of the states have some form of legalized sports betting either in place or approved.

Catawbas To ‘fast-track’ Opening Part of Their Planned NC Casino

On Friday, the Catawba Indian Nation said it will “fast-track” the opening of part of its $273 million North Carolina casino.

A “pre-launch” facility for their Two Kings Casino Resort in Kings Mountain. It will open this summer with 500 slot machine .

North Carolina Casino

There was an announcement a when the Catawbas, based in Rock Hill . The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs approved a revenue-sharing agreement with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper in January.

“With the completion of our compact with the State of North Carolina. The Catawba Nation is eager to open the casino as quickly as possible to begin bringing economic benefits. That will create jobs to the state and region,” Catawba Chief Bill Harris said in a statement.

The facility will consist of “prefabricated modular structures”. It will include “limited food and beverage and other guest amenities,” Harris said.

An “introductory” phase of the full North Carolina casino is still planned and will feature 1,300 more slot machines. That building “will be a permanent structure. It will become part of the full casino,” according to a tribal news release. “Its construction will take about a year.”

Brian Hansberry, president of Delaware North’s gaming business said in the statement. The facility also will give the casino a place to teach incoming staff. That accommodates people in the region who are anxious to start gaming this summer.

Once opened the casino is expected to create 2,600 permanent jobs and thousands of construction jobs. However, a lawsuit by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians against the project will be active in the courts.

Wisconsin Governor Approves Ho-Chunk Casino in Beloit

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers gave approval for the Ho-Chunk Nation to build a $405 million casino in Beloit. Clearing one of the Wisconsin tribe’s major hurdles for the long-sought project.

Ho-Chunk Casino in Beloit
Ho-Chunk Casino in Beloit


The complex just west of Interstate 39/90 would feature a casino with 300-room hotel and 40,000 Sq. foot indoor water park on 73 acres. According to the tribe and government officials. It would create 1,500 permanent jobs and 2,000 construction jobs.

“As we work to bounce back from this pandemic. We must do everything we can to support economic development in communities across our state,” Evers said in a statement.

The casino would be one of the largest in the state and would sit on Wisconsin’s border with Illinois. Allowing it to easily draw out-of-state visitors. But the casino could cut into business at some of the tribe’s existing gambling facilities. Including ones in Madison and near Wisconsin Dells.

Despite the Governor’s approval of the plan for Wisconsin organizations are trying to prevent a casino from being built in Beloit.

Citizens Expanded Gambling and Wisconsin Family. Action have been urging Governor Tony Evers to say “no” to the casino over the last year.

They argue there are too many casinos in Wisconsin. It wouldn’t ultimately benefit the area economically.

“We have 25 casinos in the state and so our casino market is more than saturated. And what tends to happen in a rural area is much different than what happens in an urban setting,” said Lorri Pickens of Citizens Against Expanded Gambling.

Ohio Senators Could Introduce Sports Betting Bill Next Month

Ohio Senate Majority Floor Leader Kirk Schuring, R-Canton, told members of the Senate about Sports Betting Bill. Select Committee on Gaming last Wednesday that the committee will meet twice more before the end of the month to gather testimony from interested parties.

Sports Betting Bill


In April, Schuring said he would reach out to all members to get their feedback. That would coincide with a scheduled two-week break for lawmakers.

“Then, I’ll be conferring with the Senate president after I have a chance to talk to everybody on the committee,” Schuring said. “From that point, we’ll build a bill, we’ll introduce a bill. And when we all come back after the break, we will be discussing a bill.”

Last year, the Ohio House of Representatives passed a sports betting bill by an 83-10 margin. But, the bill died in the Senate, where a competing bill was filed. For this session, legislative leaders formed the committee to gather information on sports betting and other gaming issues, including e-bingo.

Sports fans aren’t the only ones hoping the bill passes. Officials from the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals went to Columbus to talk to Ohio lawmakers about sports betting. Like the Cincinnati Reds did the week before, officials from both teams urged committee members to not exclude the state’s major professional teams from the opportunity.

Ted Tywang, who serves as the vice president and general counsel for the Haslem Sports Group. He said each top-tier professional team, plus the PGA Tour, which holds the Memorial Tournament outside of Columbus, need to have access to sports betting licenses. Those franchises would then create partnerships with eligible sports betting operators.

“This optimal market structure would create robust competition and encourage innovation. While avoiding over-saturation of the market and consumer confusion,” Tywang said.

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